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Let’s celebrate Oktoberfest at brot.

The month of October must be something special: The temperature is going down and we all can enjoy the weather outside. Another special and nice fact in October is, that we celebrate Oktoberfest all over the world – and of course also at brot.

During the whole month of October, we will serve the delicious German Bratwurst!

But did you know, when the first Oktoberfest ever started? It was in 1810, exactly on October 17, that the first Oktoberfest opened with a big horse race The occasion was the wedding of King Ludwig I and the Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The venue at that time was a meadow on the outskirts of Munich, Bavaria, which was then called “Theresienwiese” in honor of the bride.

Besides of the Bratwurst we will – of course – also have different other special offers during the month of October. As always: come in, discover and try!

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