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Give your bread a “longer life”

Germans have a very special love for bread and so it is no wonder, that they also know a lot about how to store this cultural asset. With more than 3.000 different types of bread, which are produced every day in Germany, they have the the largest selection in the world.With an optimized storage, your bread will be longer fresh, crusty and tasteful.

For the best storage you should use an unglazed ceramic or clay pot, with open pores. In these pots, the air can circulate, take off humidity and  – if necessary –  can give back humidity to the bread. Therefore, the danger of mold is much lower than in plastic pots. Another possibility is a cloth bag made of linen.

Also never store your bread in your fridge, but at normal room temperature. You bought more bread, than you can eat at the moment, then don’t worry:  You can easily freeze it for up to 3 months.

But, always keep in mind: You can trust our packages and keep your product in brot.bags!

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